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PHP Video Tutorials Photo Voting Website from Scratch!




Quick break down of topics covered.

PHP & MySQL, Handling file uploads, Validating file size, Validating file types, Shared hosting limitations, Resizing jpegs, Cropping Jpegs, GD library, Tagging data, Tag Clouds, Searching by Tag, User Voting System by IP, Safe Output, Random Backgrounds and stacks more!
What is the end result?

By the end of the lessons you'll have created a Photo Voting Site From Scratch! Ever wondered how you could handle file uploads? wanted to re-size or crop part of an image? you'll learn that! You'll also learn how to tag data and make those pretty tag clouds. After all of that cool stuff we also create a voting system. This course is jam packed with every day solutions for the modern web! 

What Format is the video?

It's Flash video format 900 * 700 pixels! and you instantly download it to your computer! and it works on all Operating Systems. It sits in a HTML page so all you need is a browser and flash player installed! to easy.

How is the course structured?

It's 13 lessons 6 hours with all source code provided! I saved the code at the end of every lesson so you can start from any lesson you like. Starting from the beginning and coding every line along with me is the best way though! you'll learn more and have a better understanding of how everything works.

Lesson 01 - Introduction
We talk about what we are going to build. We look at flickr and Photo Friday as well as Leo Laporte's The Tech Guy for inspiration.

Lesson 02 - Templating and Controller
We take a different approach in this course starting will our interface first. Setting up our controller, layouts and views. I also mention My brother has gone to buy a car!

Lesson 03 - Database and Table
This lesson is heaps of fun! My brother comes home from car shopping and everything starts to happen. We have a guy on a lawnmower powered plane fly over our house! It's just to darn funny!

Lesson 04 - PHP to MySQL
Now we start to get into the nitty gritty! we start connecting to Mysql From PHP and writing functions and collecting user data. Dickie also makes a guest appearance.. that is short lived. His a cheeky little monkey :-)

Lesson 05 - Validating data and Files!
It's time to start validating our data and that includes our Jpegs! This is a really great lesson that will help you validate your files.

Lesson 06 - Uploading our Jpegs!
Fun, fun, fun! Uploading files is way cool.. you'll be surprized just how cool. I also talk about Dickie the Bat-Bird.. nananananana nananananana Bat-bird!

Lesson 07 - Resizing and Cropping
Our images are HUGE we need some way of resizing and cropping them.. so that's what we do! :) I eat a Vegemite crumpet and speak posh.

Lesson 08 - Tags, Tags, Tags
We all know what Tags are.. I just show you how to set them up.. it's easy!

Lesson 9 - Attack of the Function
This is the real meat of the application! we set up function after function.. after this lesson I feel really good with where we are at!

Lesson 10 - Using our Functions
See our application come to life! all that hard work in lesson 09 pays off and we get rewarded. My brother also get his his car! I have to go and take a look.

Lesson 11 - Tag Cloud
We have photos and tags in our database! let's create a tag cloud. WOOT WOOT! :)

Lesson 12 - Voting System!
Setting up a voting system is the name of the game.. so that's what we do. Some parts are tricky but we get there.

Lesson 13 - Finishing the project
This is what we have been working towards! we add in random backgrounds and a few other goodies! It was great ride most fun I've had so far! recorded over one day with no edits WOOT!! thanks for watching :-)

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