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О графическом редакторе Adobe Photoshop CS6

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ВСЯ ПРАВДА О ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 Краткое описаниеПрежде, чем мы начнем описание, хотелось бы отметить, что…
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Videohive AE Project hot titles 69011 | 21 Mb

Videohive AE Project Firestring logo 74795 | 35 Mb
Demo: http://videohive.net/item/firestring-logo/74795

Videohive AE Project Black Mamba 82747 | 60 Mb
Demo: http://videohive.net/item/black-mamba-cs4/82747

Project for AE - VideoHive: Brown Machine | 155 MB

Videohive - The Puzzle Cube Project | 8 mb

After effect project Videohive Follower | 20 Mb

Hi, the next thing to show you is the settings of MoDynamics and how you can slow down fracture animation using the free plugin “Destruction” witch I see for first time in www.greyscalegorilla.com and I like to thanks Nick that post that plugin. We going to use a Volumetric Lights to simulate the light rays that cross the shatter parts of the text. And export for After Effects and add final touches.

MoDynamics project, tutorial cinema 4D
Tutorial | Tecture | project | 125mb
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