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О графическом редакторе Adobe Photoshop CS6

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ВСЯ ПРАВДА О ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 Краткое описаниеПрежде, чем мы начнем описание, хотелось бы отметить, что…
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Greenstreet 320 000 - Большой Сборник высококачественных цветных клипартов



A picture is worth a thousand words - which is why this massive 320,000 clipart on PC DVD-ROM could be the most important piece of software in your collection.

Whatever you and your family want to create - birthday cards, flyers, school projects….a bountiful clipart collection can be invaluable. With 320,000 images there is a huge choice of multi-category Clipart, Photographs, Web & Alphabet Art and more - perfect to add that eye-catching finishing touch to your project.

With 320,000 Clipart's picture browser it's incredibly easy to view and select an instantly available catalogue of top quality, highly diverse selection of images, photos and fully scalable clipart, meaning the size can be adjusted to suit your needs without loss of quality.

With such a vast wealth of images to play with you are guaranteed to find the perfect image for your needs.

- Massive Content: 11 titles on one product! (в данном архиве 7 из них - чуть менее 100 000 векторных клипарта)
- Royalty Free (for non commercial use)
- Top quality clipart which is fully scalable - can be made smaller or larger without loss of quality
- Lots of categories to choose from including - Animals, Hobbies, Business, Sport, People and Places, Travel, Nature, Sci-fi and Fantasy and much more
- Includes stunning photos from professional photographers, 3D Alphabet Art and Webart

Perfect for every type of user – all you need is a DVD drive on your PC! Whether you are at the Office, home, school, club - its perfect for work projects, home creativity and school projects

Technical Specifications:
Windows™ 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Processor: 66MHz
RAM: 4Mb
Gfx: SVGA card
DVD Drive

Greenstreet 320 000 - Сборних высококачественных цветных клипартов

Скачать Greenstreet 320 000 - Сборних высококачественных цветных клипартов
Размер - 1.23 Gb

Игорь Лазарев

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~ Большой Сборник высококачественных, цветных клипартов ~


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